ACE DELTA is designed to help introduce junior golfers to the game of golf, as well as, improve existing golfer’s ability through group as well as individual lessons.  Members of DELTA will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm – 2pm.  The instructor for this program is PGA Director of Golf Jeff DeBenedetti.  Classes are held in a group setting designed to have players with similar skills working together to advance their game to the next level, having fun and make new friends.

ELIGIBLE: Juniors age 5 – 18

SCHEDULE: Tuesday and Thursday 1pm - 2pm 


Tuesday/Thursday DELTA Skills Sessions

DELTA Course Management (on course practice)

ACE Short Game Monthly Drills

Eligible to sign up and play PGAJL

Short and Long Term Goal Setting

MONTHLY FEE: $150 (sibling discount $25)  


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